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Baked With the Love of Moms... Every Celebration Ends with something sweet
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The Magic of Mom’s Love
in Every Slice

Welcome to Mom’s Gift  Cochin – the best cake shop in Cochin. We are group of moms who have a passion for baking homemade cakes and it is this passion that we bring to you with   our homemade cakes.  Our team of super moms understands the emotions behind every cake. That is why every cake deliver is baked with love. We can create and deliver any type of cake and also offer customized cake designs as per your requirements.

To Customize Your Cake

Real taste from home

Our team is a group of moms eager to serve their culinary skills with love. Choose from our menu of freshest, creamiest and healthiest cakes to sweeten your special moments. Enjoy the new ‘cake revolution ‘without compromising on taste, only from the best online cake delivery in Kerala –Mom’s Gift!  
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Enjoy the delicious taste of home made cakes

Cakes for Every Occasion

At Mom’s Gift we provide cakes for a variety of different occasions. It could be an important day like birthdays, anniversaries or even special celebrations. We at Mom’s Gift can create any theme based cakes that are customized to meet your specific requirements. We also offer cakes for corporate for special events like product launches, exhibitions,corporate annual meets and exhibitions. In this context we provide unique products like logo cupcakes, brand activation cupcakes and much more.

Wedding Cakes

There are a ton of things which matter in a great     wedding and one thing which makes a fantastic begining of the hour is the cake cutting function. if you are searching for a decent cake company

Baby shower

A baby shower is a perfect time to have your cake and eat it, too. Whether it’s yours, a relative’s or a friend’s, it’s a celebrating of the miracle of life so calories be damned, Our cakes come in all shapes, sizes and styles ready for you to celebrate the arrival of the new child.

Corporate Cakes

Our Cake Shop specialises in making cakes for a wide variety of businesses, public bodies . Our corporate clients range from large businesses to smaller businesses in the high tech and computing sector. The cakes we make range from large buildings or slab cakes with company logos to cupcakes with printed edible images.

Delicious Recommendations

Choose from our favorite picks and cherish your special days of joy. From fruity flavors to crunchy and mushy cakes, Moms Gift is the last word of Cake art. Get the goodness of pure taste without preservatives and the love of many moms in Kerala Best Cake shop in Kerala.

Moulded with love

Why normal cakes and chocolates when each moment in life is special? Share the happiness of your celebration with our customized molded chocolates, special cakes, cookies and flavored cakesicles dipped in crunchy toppings. Flaunt your cake table with a wonder of colors and aroma of cakey goodness! – Best homemade cake in Kerala



Cake, A special slice of happiness Who doesn’t love to have a soft, oozing piece of cake for no reason? The call for delicious cakes in all celebrations brought in a ‘cake trend’ where in now we have ordinary and customized cakes which can be prepared

Cake is an emotion or is it the other way around?

For most of us cakes or eating one is an emotion. The entire experience of taking in the sight of beautiful visual aspect in terms of the decoration on the cake, the fondant, the icing, the colours, the toppings and all the fare that goes into making a birthday cake  

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